Carole Kelly

portrait of Carole Kelly

Carole lived in NZ and the UK before settling in Australia.

Her early careers have included window dressing, debt collection and working for the civil service in England. Carole first began counselling with The Samaritans in the 1970s.  After returning to her country of birth, New Zealand she pursued a career as a complementary therapist focusing on remedial massage, reiki and medical herbalism.

When she moved to Australia, Carole extended her allied health practice, moving into grief and trauma counselling. After completing a Masters in Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy, she specialised in relationship therapy.

Carole has been writing for most of her life. Her first published work is ‘Cerelia’, a dystopian post-holocaust fiction, which is included in the anthology ‘The Four Season Project’, released in 2022. Carole has also been published in ‘Leaving Home and Other Stories‘(2023), and ‘Soulmate Syndrome: Box Full of Darkness‘(2024).

>>> Update <<<

Carole’s story ‘After The Storm’ is about to be published (August 2024) in an as yet untitled anthology with Short Stories Unlimited. Subscribe to be advised of the anthology’s release.

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Black no sugar

Carole's newest project is a library of short stories, all craftily written and very, very dark...

Visit the ‘'Black no sugar' website.

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